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Our products are made by hand for
several reasons.  The thoughts and
energies of the surroundings where
something is made goes into that
product.  We like making things by
hand and therefore good thoughts
are put into our art & crafts.  
Also, handmade creations are never
the same.  There is always some
individual identity of something that
is created by someone rather than
something. This brings character
and specialness to handmade
products.  Each item is what we
consider to be a work of art.  Our
expressions are in that product and
when you receive one of them, you
are receiving part of us.
We use as many natural materials
in creating our arts & crafts as
possible.  As humans, we are
children of nature and sometimes
in this world of computers and
concrete we forget that.  Our goal
is to help remind people of the
relationship between the natural
environment and ourselves.
We are located in the gateway to the apostle islands, Bayfield  WI, in the northern midwest.
Celtic Knotwork:
The Celtic knotwork we incorporate
in many of our creations symbolizes
the ever flowing forces of the
universe.  Like nature, the
geometric matrices upon which the
knots are based, are continuous and
infinitely interchangeable. Thus the
subtle link between us and the
universe is evident in the balance of
space and substance.  On a
personal level, we have always been
intrigued by Celtic knotwork.  We
feel that it expresses our
connections to the world around us
in a universally symbolic way.
We love teaching about our craft and welcome visitors to our artisan shoppe in the midwest close to the Apostle Islands.
Our Mission:
Foursongs crafts symbolic celtic knotwork as well as knives, blanket coats,medicine pouches,journals,and jewelry. These serve as a reminder of our relationship with the earth.
Rainsong Creations:
In the past, we have set up our 10' diameter Yurt as a gift shop and studio at
art shows and fairs. We sell dreamcatchers, blanket coats, journals,medicine
pouches, jewelry, and other arts & crafts.  The Bayfield region is rich in artistic
talent and is well known as "The best small town in the Midwest".  We love this
region and contribute as much as possible to the sense of community here.  Much
of what we sell is inspired by the beautiful Apostle Islands and northern
Wisconsin area itself.  You are welcome to visit us the next time you are in
Bayfield and are looking for locally made artwork.
The images of myth are reflections of the spiritual
potentialities of every one of us.  Through contemplating these,
we evoke their powers in our lives.    -Joseph Campbell
Foursongs is dedicated to selling handmade items such as organic
cotton baby toys, blanket coats, dreamcatchers, journals, medicine
pouches, and beaded jewelry, as well as teaching hands-on classes
that inspire others to reconnect with the natural world.
The ancient craft of telling a myth or stories relates directly to our environment and heritage with the earth.
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Pictures and Ordering
Our Products
The Four Songs
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The ancient craft of telling stories or studying a myth relates directly to our environment & heritage.
Stories of myth remind us of our ancient heritage with mother earth as well as our surrounding environment.
To provide an opportunity for people
of all ages, to feel a reconnection
with their ancient heritage and
explore a shared, as well as personal
relationship with the natural world
through art, stories, and hands-on
Our Yurt Story
We use organic cotton because it offers many benefits to both the individual consumer
and the environment. The methods and materials used in organically growing this
age-old fiber have a much lower impact on our bodies and on the natural environment
than conventional growing and dying.

Conventional cotton is grown and processed with more synthetic pesticides, fertilizers,
dyes, and bleaches than any other fiber crop on earth. We do not believe that is
what ought to be in a baby's mouth. Toxic synthetic chemicals are not used in the
growing or dying methods of organic fibers.

As we evolve in taking better care of ourselves, we also take better care of the next
generations and the earth as well. We give opportunities for healthier lives by
reducing contamination of water, earth, wildlife, air, and our own bodies.

By choosing organic, you are not only looking out for you and your children's health,
but for the next generations and the future of our planet.
Organic Cotton: