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The Four Songs
Audrey & Michael Joyner
8805 Turner Road
Bayfield, WI  54814
Visiting a waterfall brings us closer to the life of the earth.
About Audrey and Michael:
Audrey's lifelong interest in art compels her to create works of art for people to
appreciate and through which learn more about themselves and their relationships with the
earth.  She is currently studying to achieve certification as a master herbalist to learn more
about the plant world and its teachings.  Michael's interest is to help others discover their
role in the story of life.  He is currently working as a ranger and is passionate about helping
people relate to the natural world.

Rainsong Creations was created in 1998 to offer our handmade artwork to the public.  In
Foursongs was established to combine the sales of these items with teaching outdoor
skills and learning ways to enjoy earth's gifts.

It is our wish to share of ourselves as well as learn from people like you!
Thank you for your interest!
Sailing on Lake Superior
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In Depth
If you stop and listen, you can hear the heartbeat of the earth
surrounding you.  It sounds much like your own heartbeat inside
you.  This is because we are connected to the earth not only by
our bodies, but our hearts as well.  It is what helps create our
life song.  This ancient song has roots going deep into the past,
yet also grows within us today, and will continue to grow in
future generations when we have passed on.